• Welcome sir…
  • Public pop-up toilet…
  • Patrick, The Incredible Pit Bull…
  • Samsung, you’re doing it wrong…
  • The Magician Dog
  • Nice purse…
  • I shall wear it…with honor
  • Humans through the ages
  • Flying over London
  • Clever bot is a douche
  • I can make you scream
  • Paper art by Calvin Nicholls

14 June, 2011 in Cute | 2 Comments


  1. I♥Hp

    3:12 pm

    Awwww, so cute.

  2. Eric

    2:32 pm

    Lions live in a pride, and the male in charge bangs multiple females (usually around 5 or 6) that are part of the pride. There are no couples. Therefore this caption is invalid. Here’s a picture of a cup.