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  1. kevin

    5:40 pm

    so I’ll send my medical bills to the church

    • Hello

      10:18 am

      Pray that Jesus will cure you or send your bills to the Church. The Church might be a lot of things but they are not broke!

  2. Uncle B

    11:47 am

    Sh*t! Rome’s best kept secret is out!

  3. doubledub

    11:32 am

    Hey, kevin. You could pay them like a responsible adult . . . .

    • Dan Gleesak

      2:55 am

      You could use the reply button instead of giving a shout out.

    • notdud

      12:07 am

      Hey dud, you could stop being a total tool….

  4. OhSoGroovy

    3:58 pm

    I love it when someone can get the whole message on one sign. I also love Hello’s message…so perfectly true!

  5. Reno

    8:49 am

    This is hilarious!

  6. Jesus

    10:52 pm

    Jesus was a white skinned anti-war, Anarchist who healed people.

    Jesus hates governments, and the government at the time killed him

    • Anon

      1:30 am

      White skinned? Really? It’s obvious you don’t know much about the area that Jesus was born and lived in, do you?

    • The Agnostic is smarter than you..

      8:12 pm

      Jesus was most likely dark skinned, assuming he’s real
      but, you’re just another closed minded white supremacist, am I right?

    • bill

      6:02 pm

      Jesus was black.

  7. Tom

    11:52 am

    Race isn’t a matter of skin colour- I’ve heard Middle Easterners classed as whites before. Fact is, though, Christianity has been a guiding light for most European societies so it’s only natural that most depictions of Christ have him resembling his worshippers. You’re either stupid or malicious to describe that as some sort of white supremacism.

    Also, lol, just lol at the literal comparison of Obama to Jesus on that sign. Maybe Obama’s touch can do more than send MSNBC anchors and holier-than-thou jackasses like “The Agnostic is smarter than you” above into orgasmic flights of rapture? I can’t wait for the replacement of HAART by (free!) swatches of cloth once breathed on by the Glorious Leader.

  8. skyler

    3:37 am

    I guess that person hasn’t heard of Europe? Free Health Care anyone?

    • Ben

      4:11 pm

      Europe is pulling out of free health care genius were way behind and we let other countries test out stupid ideas first. It’s too expensive and will never work. I don’t really wanna work even more just so lazy people can get the same care as me. Didn’t realize I was going to college for everyone else to live comfortably.

      • Aino

        9:32 pm

        Ever been to Canada? I enjoy not being billed $50,000 for someone to save my life because I had a heart attack thanks.

        It’s not perfect but a hell of a lot better than in the US.

      • Aino

        9:38 pm

        And you say lazy people as if people who work 50 hours a week at minimum wage and can’t afford health care are “lazy” and don’t deserve it.

        The world does not need biggots like you.

  9. jack

    5:13 am

    What i really love is jesus is not anti-war, nor socialist. Obviously none of you know anything about the bible or science, in fact there is no such thing as race. There are different genes that make us look different. The way we walk, walk, work, and act are all products of the environment we grew up and were trained in. Jesus doesn’t hate the government either, MATTHEW 22:15-22, give to caesar what is caesar’s and to God what is God’s. And the church isnt the vatican or any one denomination, the church is a body of believers, any one who believes in God, and looks to follow his word, you need to work out your own salvation with you and God, look to someone who lives a Godly life and believes study, learn about God repent and be baptized and ill see you in heaven. Christianity really isn’t hard, just different, christianity isn’t stopping doing drugs because God says so, Christianity is stopping doing drugs because you love God and God made you, and he asks you to do that so he can bless you greatly!

    • Ben

      4:12 pm

      Finally I thought there wasnt a single person left with a IQ over that of a 10 year old.

    • Aino

      9:41 pm

      I wouldn’t mind betting that you and Ben are die hard Republicans…The church is just as bad if not worse than a corrupt government.

  10. anonymous

    6:10 am

    This is pathetic. It has been said that Jesus was most likely Brown-skinned. But what about the Heath care? There is a difference between Free health care and Helping people. Jesus would be more like the red cross.

    • Seriously?

      12:03 pm

      Haha… Red Cross… oh the irony XD

      • wobble

        8:55 pm

        Actually, its not ironic since the Red Cross started out as a Christian organization.

  11. natalie

    3:44 pm

    The best part about this whole sign is the people writing crap underneath taking it too seriously.

  12. omega

    5:51 am

    Jesus, I knew this post would get the threads and insults going. (pun intended)