• So much for a tough guy…
  • It’s not guns that kill people…
  • It’s called Inception…
  • You Know Who’s Your Best Friend When….
  • Loyal Supermarket Customer…
  • I stole your eggs…
  • What do you say when you answer the phone?
  • Awesome Angry Birds Cake
  • My car!
  • Straight lines with style
  • The start of every House episode ever
  • Parenting Fail
  1. LadyBee

    11:16 pm

    Funny, but false. It was an exercise for the people at the forensics conference.

  2. joe s

    3:06 am

    Actually, it’s fictional:


    …but it’s fun nonetheless. Here it is – reworked – at the start of the movie Magnolia:


  3. Justin

    12:42 pm

    I believe that’s the definition of Karma, even if the story is purely fictional.