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21 June, 2012 in People | 14 Comments


  1. Mister

    1:04 pm

    It is really unfair actually, my friend almost lost his life in a fire a week ago.

  2. sarah

    1:27 pm

    It’s not the only sport that does so why pick on soccer, i mean AFL, NRL, NFL and heaps of other sports do, I agree though.

  3. Kest

    12:17 am

    Dumb complaint, not enough room in the comic for every sport.

  4. Grantsup

    1:52 am

    Sports are televised events! People pay to watch them. The salaries come from the fact that we the people are paying to watch them. If we televised fires and sponsored them, perhaps gave them an official drink, firemen could make more money.

  5. Nasim

    10:53 am

    Life’s unfair! you can’t always get what you really deserve.

  6. Micah

    7:40 am

    Because people don’t pay to watch a firefighter fight fires and save lives. After all, people who watch a game are the ones who provide the money to these athletes.

    And to be truthful, albeit a bit insensitive, there are thousands and thousands of people who can do the job of a firefighter. There aren’t as many people who can play these games to the ability of these professionals. People pay big bucks to be entertained, not to watch people get saved or home fires get put out.

    It’s insensitive to say so, but it’s the hard truth.

    • Lindsay

      7:30 pm

      I never thought about it that way. I mean, it’d be nice if people who did extremely important jobs like saving lives got paid more than other people whose jobs aren’t as important, but the point you made makes a lot of sense.

  7. Goggles

    7:41 am

    This. A thousand times, this.

  8. Let's keep this fair

    4:14 pm

    I kick a football and I don’t get paid 300 times more than someone who saves a life. People get paid to play football because they’re exceptionally talented at doing so. People do jobs that save lives because it’s what they want to do. If the person saving lives cared about money they wouldn’t do the job in the first place. Money isn’t everything, the world is unfair, deal with it.

  9. John

    4:21 pm

    Soccer players don’t ‘win’ the money, they earn it. It’s a job after all. I believe that jobs that save lives are extremely important, but the truth is people get paid according to their level of skill and expertise. I agree that sports players get over paid, but I hate these self-righteous pictures too. Oh it demotivates you? Boo Hoo… If it demotivates you, you clearly care more about money than saving lifes.

  10. 123

    4:27 pm

    It’s a shame… But it is the way the world works. Firemen get their money from taxes and everyone hates paying tax. but people will quickly go out and spend $1000s to get a season ticket to watch Real Madrid or Man U

  11. Justin

    5:56 pm

    It demotivates me that billions of people actually enjoy watching mentally damaged people kick a white and black ball around a giant field for 90-ish minutes.

  12. fdv

    6:52 pm

    Supply and demand.