• French are not so good at translating movie titles…
  • Let’s make it happen…
  • Mind Blowing Realization
  • Upper class banana
  • Well my favorite part was…
  • Startled kitten
  • Brilliant tree carving…
  • We all know that feeling bro…
  • Eating your last meal
  • Even spiderman has to commute
  • Michael Jordan in his college dorm room, 1983
  • Computer geek wedding cake

7 February, 2012 in Pictures, Places | 2 Comments


  1. denniden

    3:12 pm

    Ahem.. no mountains in the Netherlands last time I checked…

  2. cheeseface

    6:36 pm

    The 4th image is definatily not in Holland. It’s got mountains in it you know.