• Not saying I hate you…
  • My friend changed all my contact names…
  • Best Mom Ever…
  • Did Someone Say Faceswaps?
  • Fat creepy dude kept staring at me…
  • The future according to films…
  • Don’t worry, I’m on it…
  • This is why you don’t mess with him
  • Rageface car dash
  • Future generations will not know this
  • No, it’s mine!
  • Bachelors, you know you do this
  1. Anne Oakley

    9:22 pm

    I love Supernatural. <3

  2. Surrounded by morons

    1:33 am

    Obviously Annie Oakley didn’t read the title of the gif nor has she seen the movie.

  3. ~~~

    4:00 am

    Hahahahahaha so true!