• Every time you’re trying to submit your homework….
  • Interesting point…
  • Merry Mexican
  • Firstborn Child…
  • Chris, I want to play a game…
  • Presidential Milestones
  • This should be posted in every Medical facility…
  • Woops, slipped there
  • Drawing birds as a kid
  • Shut up. Just for once shut up.
  • Oh hai there
  • Dollar store gem

11 January, 2012 in Funny Pictures | 4 Comments


  1. pognet

    5:04 am

    Now that I’m not in school, I’ve found I’m actually nocturnal.

  2. Artem

    4:47 pm

    Some alcohol will help.

  3. JBP

    4:57 pm

    This actually happens every single time i work, i don’t get off until 3 am and sit awake until 5 doing nothing.

  4. Nadya

    5:24 pm

    Oh. the cubicle coma.