• Never trust promotional photography…
  • Seriously, trust me…
  • The only thing…
  • New Jersey Beaches…
  • A University Legend
  • His face is priceless
  • Warbleglarble!
  • Parenting Level: Homer Simpson
  • Zombie attack
  • Wanna get some fried chicken?
  • How I’m feeling at my new job…
  • Can your Mac do this?

19 October, 2011 in Memories | 5 Comments


  1. IIII

    4:39 am

    Little Lulu was a horrible TV show.

  2. alexdelarge

    2:53 pm

    Some of these are crossing eras. Someone had a very long childhood.

    • chingy

      6:15 pm

      Maybe this is why their childhood was awesome?

  3. KasparVonZeppelin

    5:44 pm

    Les 3 bessones?

  4. kebindesu

    3:35 am

    You only need to list two, now, to sum up just how far Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have fallen… Angry Orange and goddamned Fred. End.