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22 June, 2012 in Design | 9 Comments


  1. Justin

    7:35 pm

    5 o’clock – the factorial sign needs to be outside of the square-root symbol, otherwise it’s wrong.

    Just saying.

  2. Mister

    12:10 am

    5 is wrong.

  3. bored

    1:02 pm

    Number 5 should have the factorial outside the square root…

  4. Dude 35

    8:24 pm

    5 is not correct, the square root is too long, should end before the “!”.

  5. hbar

    9:47 pm

    5 is wrong. The factorial is clearly inside the square root and thus the 5 o’clock is actually 601.3952191… o’clock.

    • some guy

      4:04 pm

      I agree with you that’s not right.

  6. field completed.

    9:54 pm

    I still want one though (corrected ofcourse, we should find something that work for the 5)

  7. RDS

    5:42 pm

    5 is not right, since the factorial is supposed to be outside the radical, which resolves radical 9 factorial -> 3 factorial.

  8. Steve

    5:57 pm

    Hey does anyone know if 5 is right? something about it looks funny…