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  1. Helen Orr

    6:07 pm

    I remember being bused as a kid (very violent time, forced busing) and even at 11 thought that if one of the points of putting us all together was to build bridges, they would get a lot further every day if they didn’t do the stupid “black/white” count in homeroom. yep, that’s what it was called. I understand that they needed to show they were in compliance with the law, but seriously, to say to a bunch of 6 graders “We want you to be colorblind and not notice any differences – which in reality were more economic than skin based, because we had black kids in the burbs too, they just came from the same economic background we did – but while you children are busy “not noticing” this skin color thing, we’ll just announce we are doing the “black/white” count and have one of you run it up to the office when we are done….