• The way Genetics works…
  • The best superpower…
  • The Japanese went a little too far
  • Just Matt LeBlanc
  • Slim chance
  • Oh bother…
  • Introduce yourself…
  • Face it…
  • Bear Pong
  • Simple math
  • Kim Kardashian without any make-up
  • Oh…come on!

11 October, 2011 in Funny | 1 Comment


  1. Herp

    3:51 am

    Oh REALLY? What about Yusuf? And Peter Browning? (“Uncle Peter”) That makes it spell “MY DRAPES.” And of course, whenever Cobb sees drapes fluttering in the wind, he’s reminded of Mal. If Ariadne’s name is left as a separate letter, you get “DREAMS PAY,” which describes Cobb’s occupation as a mind thief.
    OH! WHAT NOW?!?!