• The coolest water slide in the world…
  • Let’s make it clear…
  • Pizza Box Drawing Requests…
  • Cat Etiquette
  • Are you Katrina?
  • Not fair, Superman
  • Definition of ‘oh crap!’
  • First five days in the life of a hamster
  • Heyyyyyy…
  • Say what professor?
  • You see a clue… where?
  • Do or do not… there is no try
  1. omega

    2:25 am

    That’s fake.

    • awesome

      7:49 pm

      No it’s not. That’s what beauty was considered back then, not it’s being able to see every single bone in your body.

  2. Shepard

    1:47 am

    It was a simpler time.
    It was a better time.