• Must have been intense…
  • You are what you eat…
  • I see your iPad…
  • The creative adult
  • We had it all wrong
  • Now that’s an awesome fire pit…
  • When in doubt…
  • The last sunset of 2011: Oahu, Hawaii
  • All the way across the sky
  • Psychedelic Reindeer
  • A very unfortunate web address
  • Cute Baby Cheetah
  1. omega

    2:25 am

    That’s fake.

    • awesome

      7:49 pm

      No it’s not. That’s what beauty was considered back then, not it’s being able to see every single bone in your body.

  2. Shepard

    1:47 am

    It was a simpler time.
    It was a better time.