• Getting a boy’s attention…
  • We will get along…
  • This is not OK…
  • I feel you bro…
  • The most comfortable spot in the house
  • The menstruation fairy
  • I don’t think so, Parker…
  • Freaks
  • Hello… Helloo… Hellooo…
  • Setting your alarm half an hour earlier…
  • Select a wireless network
  • Dat mass

24 July, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. omega

    2:25 am

    That’s fake.

    • awesome

      7:49 pm

      No it’s not. That’s what beauty was considered back then, not it’s being able to see every single bone in your body.

  2. Shepard

    1:47 am

    It was a simpler time.
    It was a better time.