• It’s a sign…
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  • License agreement…
  • And not a single John was seen that day…
  • Henry what the hell?
  • Video Game Logic
  • While watching a scary movie…
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  • Cannot be unseen
  1. Tas

    7:10 am

    Don’t get it?

  2. Lisa

    8:13 pm

    Yes they should!

  3. Ellen

    12:01 am

    It’s the same thing… doesn’t matter if in English or Portuguese.

  4. Ellen

    12:01 am

    Or any other language.

  5. Iloha

    4:52 am

    When you translate it (I’ve tried) on any other language.
    Men are men and men should clean the house.

    It says that Men are men and women should clean the house. Why? I don’t know.