• There’s a river running under this house…
  • Impossible Pictures…
  • All men are the same
  • Last night’s debate…
  • It’s tough being different…
  • Meanwhile in a Japanese airport…
  • Has anyone else done this as a kid?
  • Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…
  • Bill Clinton
  • Philosoraptor on life
  • A window that turns into a balcony
  • Four reasons why men die earlier
  1. Joe

    2:25 pm

    I don’t get how this is funny…so it snowed 2 inches..

  2. chingy

    3:04 pm

    More like 6… and in the space of a day went from spring to what mid-January is supposed to be.

  3. name

    3:43 pm

    Right? Over here in new england it was the bottom picture one morning and the top picture that afternoon.