• Chirp chirp…
  • Thailand beach massage…
  • Turn out that light!
  • Someone bring the pizza…
  • Let’s play…
  • How my girlfriend feels when she’s trying to sleep and I want sex
  • Professor Utonium and Samurai Jack are the same person
  • Indianapolis Weather Advisory
  • My water broke!
  • Now that’s a kiss
  • Trolling a potato chip collector
  • Keep your mouth shut and you won’t get cut

1 January, 2012 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Intelligent

    7:10 pm

    I’ve seen many under construction… That’s how they get there.

  2. facepalm

    7:52 pm

    REALLY?! no way! WOW good thing we have smart people here to undermine a joke.

  3. Ned

    7:07 am

    Cool joke, bro.