• When you see it…
  • The beard that will pierce the heavens
  • Cruel Baptism…
  • Sorry Mario but it’s the law…
  • Farm boy proposes like a boss…
  • My first driving lesson
  • Removing your headphones…
  • Dog trains himself
  • A tiger going for a swim
  • A bag full of puppies
  • This is one uncut sheet of paper
  • There are no ugly women

1 January, 2012 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Intelligent

    7:10 pm

    I’ve seen many under construction… That’s how they get there.

  2. facepalm

    7:52 pm

    REALLY?! no way! WOW good thing we have smart people here to undermine a joke.

  3. Ned

    7:07 am

    Cool joke, bro.