• Everything happens for a reason…
  • Under Police Surveillance…
  • Oops, sorry…
  • Wrong place, wrong time…
  • Photobomb level: Grandma
  • You know you love a girl…
  • Maybe this will explain it better…
  • Programmers vs. Users
  • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh…
  • Sir Reads-A-Lot
  • Gary! You’re still in uniform!
  • Good Support!
  1. NSee

    5:48 pm

    Yup, still funny EVERY TIME i see this pic! *lmao*

  2. Ian

    6:34 pm

    Oh god, humanity is doomed.

  3. TLC

    9:04 pm

    I hope that they are just dressed up for Halloween and don’t really look like that EVERY day, otherwise we really are doomed.

  4. jmg

    4:04 pm

    I hope those are only Halloween costumes.

  5. Classy

    4:14 am

    This is cute!!

  6. Kinzie

    12:35 am

    Are they from Jersey Shore??