• Well, that’s right…
  • Crocheted Knight Helmet
  • Samurai sword umbrella
  • Sometimes the “healthy” lifestyle isn’t all that cracked up
  • What to wear on your graduation day
  • Rolling news celebrity death coverage
  • They see us rolling…
  • Hear me roar!
  • Taken at the right time
  • Waka waka waka waka
  • Clouds factory
  • Obama Fried Chicken (OFC) in China
  1. stop it already

    7:40 am

    Oh it’s so much more poignant when you caption it with some heart-tugging bulls**t. Dog could be waiting for anything….sigh

  2. patrick

    9:40 pm

    Really! The dog may just be having a sit-down after an hour of destroying the hall carpet…