• Special effects in movies and TV shows: Before and After…
  • Meanwhile in Soviet Russia…
  • Holy crap…
  • Photobomb in the rain…
  • Of course I won’t laugh…
  • Metal Bear
  • Knight Armored Hoodie
  • Wheel of fortune
  • I dream of a better world
  • Coke Light if you use the escalator, regular Cola if you climb the stairs
  • Be happy…
  • Just Emma Watson…
  1. Drew

    9:24 pm

    Quite literally the most badass thing i have ever seen. GREAT WORK!

  2. Nick

    6:21 pm

    Whoa. I bet Optimus would be impressed. :)

  3. Picture

    1:48 pm

    This is… wow!

  4. ray

    6:13 am

    Simply put, awesome!!!