• I caught myself smiling…
  • The word ‘said’ is dead…
  • The most luxurious pool table
  • Grumpy Cat for President…
  • OK, this is awkward…
  • Dear Dora…
  • A child’s smile
  • First day on the internet kid
  • Wearing cicadas on your head should not be a thing
  • His spidey senses are ‘tingling’
  • Failure
  • Owl is not amused

15 June, 2012 in Places | 2 Comments


  1. Seriously

    2:55 pm


  2. auzi

    9:45 am

    Second picture, down left.
    sky forms the shape of a lady’s face + bust with a very point boo b.
    the mother of the divines that smile upon you.