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  1. BO$$

    2:45 am

    I wonder how high the person was when they took this picture to realized it looked like that…haha

  2. preeyasha

    12:53 pm

    Wow…………….Awesome :)

  3. Elvie

    3:45 am

    It’s a shame this is a shop. Otherwise, aside from being a real person it’s a pretty interesting take.

  4. cvc

    5:51 pm

    This is a real tree that was carved in Seattle! :) My good friend’s father is an arborist and knows the man who carved it. That same friend is a dancer and has a tattoo of the tree on her side.

  5. Sam

    9:06 pm


  6. Jerry

    5:18 pm

    According to this article, it was: “taken by Carol Lynn Fraser of Edmonton, AB, Canada”

  7. jay

    4:20 am

    What is the sculptor’s name?