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9 May, 2012 in Art | 6 Comments


  1. hergi

    6:04 pm

    That’s not right, they can also be skew, which means they are not parallel and never cross.

    • Prometheus

      7:45 am

      Wow, are you serious right now? If a line is not parallel to another line it will intersect no matter what. It is impossible for them not to intersect. Wow, it makes me sad that I’m a math teacher and there are still people out there who have no idea of basic concepts.

      • Kest

        8:44 pm

        maybe you should stick to teaching man the secret of fire

  2. Krieg

    9:15 am

    Silly math teacher. There are three dimensions.

  3. James

    12:51 am

    I feel sorry for your students. Apparently no one ever told you what skew lines were. I recommend a visit to Wikipedia.

  4. HughBalzac

    2:45 am

    Coinciding lines live happy joyful lives. Until they get sick of each other.