• Agent Coulson gets some action…
  • Oh, is that so?
  • Creative T-Shirt Designs
  • Barcelona’s metro tells it like it is
  • What I see when I look at the Adidas logo…
  • Tyson Gay
  • Three stages of life
  • Excuse me kind sir, I believe you’ve spilled my beer…
  • A serious problem
  • Not on your life
  • That’s it, I’m getting off this planet
  • Where is he?
  1. Peggie B. Hensley

    2:46 am

    OK. I’ve sat here and let this loop for a good two minutes! Is that the lens hood flying by? I know that the camera/lens/cards/ etc. might rival the cost of that car…

  2. michael

    11:40 pm

    I say yes!