• No one must learn…
  • Just when I thought I would coast through work today…
  • Flying…
  • A Dance Free From Danger
  • When you’re walking on the street…
  • Tetris deliciousness
  • Whenever I buy a new cell phone…
  • Hold on just a sec…
  • Rage face parade
  • The way men pee
  • Oh, were you sitting here? I didn’t notice…
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s diary entry from the day his wife Alice died of kidney failure

5 August, 2010 in Nature | 3 Comments


  1. jhanelle

    10:32 pm

    this is beautiful (:

  2. Janelle Zakour

    11:58 am

    I agree.

  3. brenda bush

    2:58 am

    It looks great on my friend Rob Herr’s wall – he took the picture!