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27 May, 2012 in Life | 5 Comments


  1. ...

    3:55 am

    Some of these are entirely wrong! ESPECIALLY the lemon thing! It will completely ruin your skin with the acid and make absolutely no difference. Also folding the arms is a defense mechanism when you’re uncomfortable or angry, to keep people out. It shows no special interest.

  2. justsayin'

    2:49 am

    The point of the folding your arms is to see if the person will copy you. I agree, perhaps you shouldn’t fold your arms, per se, but maybe do something else the person might copy. If a person copies your body language, that usually means they are interested. I find these very interesting, and I think most of these would work. Not sure about the first one though, but I’m going to try it!

  3. Ash

    5:39 pm

    If someone I didn’t like asked to borrow a pencil I would like them less.

  4. anon

    12:45 am

    1: Have worked on me several times.
    2: You can fold your arms in different ways. do it casually and this should work.
    3: Works on the GF everytime! however that doesn’t mean i win the argument.
    4: Meh, boring.
    5: Not sure about the squeaking but the hair deffinetly changes.
    6: Might accually work, however it will probably feck up your skin yeah.
    7: Might take forever but it’s simple logic.
    8: So true.
    9: Not a bad idea.
    10: Really good advice that one.

  5. GallifreyanCat

    11:25 am

    I don’t think following leads like arm folding means you’re interested, it’s just an instinct and people do it subconsciously to “blend in” or go with whatever the group surrounding you does…