• Really good mood…
  • Ruthless Religion…
  • Happens to everyone
  • Mexican Shopper
  • Definition of ‘Holy Crap!’
  • I like your make-up…
  • Oh, wait…
  • When you were younger…
  • Because screw paralysis…
  • What would happen if we combined two of the worst things on the face of the planet
  • Om nom nom
  • Stop! Stop! Don’t shoot

28 July, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. seriously?

    4:25 pm

    Who the hell is John Lemon?

    • I agree.

      5:49 pm

      I was confused about that too… Either this was set up, and someone screwed up with the name, OR it was shopped. My personal favorite? #2.

      • I agree.

        5:51 pm

        Oh, also, It’s supposed to be Paul MCCARTNEY.