• Lucy…
  • Meanwhile in Germany…
  • Obama holding stuff…
  • How I look when I play most sports…
  • How I eat popcorn…
  • Not quite sure…
  • Penguin feline
  • Meanwhile in Michigan…
  • I, for one, welcome our new avian overlords
  • If Ke$ha performs in the UK…
  • South Park, Simpsons & Family Guy pixel art
  • Modern Trains
  1. por favor

    7:17 pm

    Lol that girl’s obviously joking.

  2. Goggles

    7:34 pm

    Yep, we are doomed..

  3. Anon

    8:23 pm

    Not sure if really serious…or just trolling.

  4. Abby

    11:03 pm

    Oh my gosh she’s not kidding. . . :(

  5. Guest

    5:09 am

    So there’s a petition out there to remove her account…while I can understand why people think this is necessary, but seriously, don’t feed the troll! This person is clearly seeking attention, and the best response to someone like that would just be to ignore them.