• Undercover dog…
  • Trying to watch LOTR when suddenly…
  • Evil Plotting Bear…
  • What’s it made of?
  • When a package says “Easy Open”
  • What I Learned with House M.D.
  • Innocent Angel Castiel
  • Peeling oranges just became much more fun
  • How I feel when I post a cool link on someone’s facebook and they never respond to it
  • Little girl holding a goat
  • Fire extinguisher lighter
  • Wiser words have rarely been spoken
  1. omega

    1:21 am

    Is it because he is holding a bowling trophee while peeing? is that the joke? should we be laughing now?

    • alpha

      2:34 pm

      It’s the NBA trophy and I’m pretty sure that’s Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban there..so yeah, you should laugh.