• After being turned down…
  • Everyone knows a song that makes this happen…
  • Proud Dad
  • Roses are red, violets are blue…
  • I came to take your jobs…
  • Simpson’s logic
  • Jim Halpert
  • Best friends till the end
  • This gorilla knows what’s up
  • Hey, you got anymore of that bread you gave me?
  • OK Ethel, you’re on point
  • Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist…

20 January, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 2 Comments


  1. CC!

    7:58 pm

    ‘Tap’? What’s a tap? Do you mean ‘tab’?

  2. ash

    6:18 am

    Yo bulldog share some…. lol…. I’m thirsty.