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  1. Ethan Hesketh

    10:16 pm

    I probably would have dropped dead at this festival.. Really should have been a teenager in the 60′s :(

  2. ralph

    1:38 pm

    This is cool but full of inaccuracies. Buffalo Springfield and Cream had broken up by 1969. Led-Zeppelin wasn’t that big in 1969 so therefore they would not be billed bigger then Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Check your dates next time.

  3. Tim

    7:09 pm

    Yeah, but Zeppelin’s better than the Stones, anyday!

  4. Jessica Peele

    1:51 pm

    Coachella is so old lol I’m going to one someday :) I watch it every year though.

  5. amber

    5:35 pm


  6. Leigh

    12:13 pm

    Completely faked. You can just tell by the way it’s designed. This amount of color wasn’t cheaply or easily available in 1969, so would not have been used for a flier. Also, typography was a painstaking process done through letterpress most of the time, a complicated system involving metal pieces for each letter. Not to mention I don’t think any of these fonts existed in ’69 based on the style. The list goes on, but I’ll stop there. This was clearly designed on a computer, pretty poorly, and probably very very recently. Maybe it isn’t supposed to look real? Either way I think it’s pretty stupid.

  7. Felix

    3:38 pm

    “Six years later, on October 9 and 10, 1999 the first actual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was held.” So this concert is dated 30 years before the 1st Coachella.

  8. anonymous

    4:51 pm

    Yep, Coachella just sucks balls nowadays and no one cares, except for those who live close enough to justify attending a huge, crappy festival.

  9. Brainz

    5:50 pm

    This was from a contest on coachella.com…

  10. Guy

    1:40 pm

    Leigh having a serious case of “I can’t enjoy anything unless it’s 100% accurate” f***ing hell lighten up!

  11. George

    4:01 pm

    Also Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has only been around since 1999.

  12. Haley

    12:24 am

    Can’t tell if trolling or if just a**hole..

  13. onur

    7:24 pm

    this is fake.

  14. jim

    11:21 pm

    It’s fake.

  15. anonymous

    3:20 am

    Where did it claim to be real? Please show me where it says “100% REAL AND ACCURATE” Get a life.

  16. Nina

    10:39 pm

    it was a contest, and this one won. the theme was to make your own lineup you would like to have been in that year.


  17. Sarah

    5:59 pm

    Surely the most obvious reason its ‘fake’ is that Coachella has only been around since 1999.

  18. Rusty

    9:05 pm

    Nice work. I actually thought it was the line up for the Monterey Pop Festival for a second…

  19. Jacob Koloda

    6:18 pm

    You guys are dumb, it’s obviously a fake festival but with all the big names and what is the title called? That’s right it’s just someones dream and a good one at that.

  20. joe D.

    3:40 pm

    I hate all of you.

  21. Reggie

    8:25 am

    Hendrix is a headliner? You must be a Bieber fan, too…