• Little Link…
  • What else is popcorn good for?
  • Go home angel…
  • Since when are you a veggie?
  • Where were you when I was a child, Lego Store?
  • On the phone with mom: troubleshooting her computer
  • Hmmm…
  • Jack and Rose could have both fit on that wooden plank…
  • 8-Bit Ninja Turtles
  • Apple tried really hard to be cool in 1986
  • Excuse me, lady
  • Put some pants on!

30 January, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 2 Comments


  1. hejdå

    10:01 am

    Random christian bale in there.

  2. Aino

    1:46 pm

    It’s a popular meme that’s why.