• Best friends on patrol…
  • Kiss Cam Troll…
  • Seriously, are you sure?
  • Sneaky Batman…
  • Hi, I’m Harry Potter…
  • Who is this?
  • Crosswalk Trail
  • Paint all the nails!
  • And you are?
  • Meanwhile on Google Street View…
  • There should be more of these
  • Catching a ball like a boss

24 September, 2011 in People | 3 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    5:29 pm

    Is that.. is that Edward Cullen superimposed on James Dean? Blasphemy! James Dean is a thousand time cooler/hotter/everything. How dare you ruin him!

  2. Annoyed

    6:59 am

    P.s his name is Robert Pattinson not Edward Cullen.
    Edward Cullen is a fictional character!

  3. Taney

    3:35 am

    Robert Pattinson ceased to exist when he decided to play Edward Cullen. Bad move on his part. He will forever be known as that gay vampire guy who was better as Cedric.