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13 April, 2011 in Politics | 6 Comments


  1. ~Public School graduate

    2:12 am

    It will be a great day when liberals realize that throwing more money at education doesn’t make people smarter.

    • Zab

      12:12 pm

      You’re serious, aren’t you? Of course, I’m no liberal (your American liberals are far too right wing for me) but I’ll respond anyway.

      First of all, education isn’t about making people smarter. It is, big surprise, about making people more educated. And funding matters for this.

      Things other than money are vital too, but don’t underestimate “throwing money” at education – as long as they are used right. Enough teachers so that all students can find someone who has the time to listen to them, enough books and other teach materials, enough education for the teachers themselves, et cetera – all these things are necessary for effective learning.

      Meanwhile, the American conservatives will often defend every single dollar given to your overinflated armed forces. Why is that? Is “throwing more money at it” always such a good solution there?

  2. 4.0 holding third year university student

    1:00 am

    God f*****g dammit. Yeah, wouldn’t it be great if the US Airforce had to hold a bake sale to get a bomber while we poured a ton of money into the education system? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore and we could all live in peace because we, in the United States, would all be educated and crime and terrorism and the numerous evils that assault our country and despise what we stand for would all just go away! I’m sure Bin Laden, seeing this, would have just said, “ahh, f**k it, I’ll just turn myself in, because those Americans have truly reformed their education system and that’s just great.”

    Our education system is somewhat broken, and can be very stupid yes. I do not argue that education reform is necessary in this country. But for f**k’s sake, the anti-military sentiment (among other things) displayed by liberals is just despicable. Glad our brave men and women stare death in the face on a daily basis so you a******s can galavant around the f*****g place treating them like dirt. What a world.

  3. stopbeingignorant

    6:07 pm

    Okay, if you dont agree with something guys, just leave it alone! I wholeheartedly agree with this picture but I understand you crazy conservitive republicans would rather go kill people, but leave us to dream. get off the internet.

  4. omega

    10:24 am

    It’ll never end.

  5. Ichneumon

    7:48 pm

    Holy crap, peaceniks really are this stupid and naive, aren’t they?

    And I must say, “stopbeingignorant” has one of the most ironic screen names ever.