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  1. EnochPowell2

    9:09 pm

    No, because there is nothing in the Bible which promotes ‘holy war’ or shedding the blood of war in peace. There is in the Koran. These killings are entirely political, unlike the attacks on (primarily) Britain and the US which were religious as one part of the Muslim community (immigrants) was sticking up for another part (Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan).

  2. wibraindoc

    7:34 pm

    Yet, it is really too bad that the media is eating a lot of crow because further analysis has demonstrated that the Norwegian bomber was anything but Christian. Rather, he is probably best described as enlightenment fundamentalist, much more influenced by the atheistic philosophy of Europe than anything representing biblical Christianity. The newswriters with integrity have already recognized their error, though those with a clear agenda have continued along this unproductive, and frankly inaccurate, line.

  3. derpbag

    9:39 pm

    Please show me where in the Koran this statement is located.

  4. Alexandra

    8:32 am

    Oh, so if a bad person does something terrible and calls himself a Christian he is actually an atheist , but if that bad person calls himself a muslim, he is telling the truth because, you know, muslims are evil by nature.
    Just a question – were crusades lead by atheists? Was inquisition lead by atheists? Slave owners?
    And please tell me more about that enlightenment fundamentalism because I damn well remember these wicked fundamentalists Voltaire, Rousseau, Franklin and Jefferson. Terrible people! And by the “newswriters with a clear agenda” do you mean fox news?

  5. Taney

    3:32 am

    Don’t try to say you know what the Qur’an says unless you can read it in it’s intended language. Every translation is an interpretation.

  6. Army Guy

    11:46 am

    Religion aside – I know my country got attacked, and I’ll be damn if I don’t chase the sons-a-b*tches down that did it. It is an organization I shoot the f*** out of, not a religion. Geez, you people try to be smart and over-analyze everything. If you don’t support America why don’t you get the f*** out?