• Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks the truth…
  • This will make you slow down…
  • Saturn’s Moon…
  • Moon harvest
  • You said long story short…
  • Angry kitty
  • Cute little baby dolphin
  • First thing I’d do with a Portal Gun…
  • Nyan cat reality
  • A key that can open every lock
  • We’re coming at each other, bro
  • Watching my girlfriend play Portal

10 January, 2012 in Funny | 4 Comments


  1. Aino

    1:31 pm

    This guy is my hero, and Ashleigh’s a b*tch.

  2. Nikki

    2:43 pm

    In Ashleigh’s defense…I’m totally pranking my kids with ridiculous gifts on Christmas.

    • jon

      7:29 am

      But you will still get them real ones not just a bag of rocks leaving their dreams shattered!

  3. Autus

    10:22 pm