• Bill Nye tells it like it is…
  • Ninja Cat Attack…
  • What’s going on?
  • Disney’s Scary Easter Egg…
  • I’m not old…
  • He’s just doing his job
  • They’ll never get along
  • Why you quit a game
  • Multi-purpose escalator
  • Plasma watch
  • Nice Weather Outside
  • Magnets. It’s always magnets.

22 June, 2011 in Food | 1 Comment


  1. Spanish guy.

    3:14 pm

    That’s not new! This is how the spanish “tapas” were created. “Tapas” mean “covers”, and we invented that in order to eat while we drank beer stand, and to protect the beer from bugs and stuff… a long time ago.
    Then, have evolved, but that was the first idea.