• The pain chart at the doctor’s office gets it right…
  • Trying to do Gangnam Style…
  • I’m just gonna sit here…
  • Doesn’t matter, had dance
  • He’s been working on his roar…
  • Classic Sheldon Cooper
  • Fog waves
  • Free cheese
  • Is this dog?
  • Like a bus!
  • The many faces of Johnny Depp
  • How to irritate…

7 October, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Grant

    5:23 pm

    That’s momentum.

  2. Prettyorc

    11:42 pm

    It gains momentum, but as soon as the truck stops, Inertia does its thing. Hilarious picture!

  3. Prettyorc

    11:43 pm

    I hope the driver was okay…