• And you are going to smile…
  • Hairy cat…
  • If men could get pregnant…
  • Math Class in a nutshell…
  • It’s coming…
  • Please smile for the camera…
  • Flip fail
  • Yoga
  • NBA Orchestra
  • Snickers, you’re doing it right
  • Better with age
  • The Mary Poppins thing doesn’t work
  1. tss

    3:35 pm

    Dude, they are Chinese army, I can assure you that, because Japanese little boys will always wear suits when they go school or do anything in a group.

  2. Lita

    12:51 pm

    Also, the Japanese have no army.

  3. tang

    6:27 am

    Also, the Japanese can afford bridges. I believe there’s an app for that.

  4. Mikel

    5:11 pm

    Also, the japanese can fly.