• I’m the guy…
  • Best apron ever…
  • Feels good, man…
  • How does Batman’s mom call him for dinner?
  • Anti-Joke Chicken’s double shot
  • Bookworm
  • What is this strange sorcery?
  • How I feel every Sunday…
  • That’s right dad!
  • Marbled Easter Eggs
  • Lego friends
  • When someone says I’m ugly…

24 March, 2012 in Funny | 1 Comment


  1. GrunK

    10:46 pm

    So you’re like…. 50? The earliest ideas for a computer network intended to allow general communications among computer users were formulated by computer scientist J. C. R. Licklider, of Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN), in August 1962, in memoranda discussing his concept for an “Intergalactic Computer Network”. Those ideas contained almost everything that composes the contemporary Internet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.