• Did someone say Twinkies?
  • When my computer crashes and I lose something…
  • It’s not always for the better
  • A kitchen’s secret wine cellar
  • Are you happy?
  • Too old!
  • Clever bank robbers
  • Oh watch out, we got a badass over here
  • The moon reminds me of her…
  • It takes two to Tango
  • Multiplayer, then and now
  • Oh…not again!
  1. Arts

    5:36 pm

    So we can all agree that iCrap is overpriced and has bin for at least 12 years?

    • Sam

      8:14 pm

      I will as soon as you fix your spelling!
      But seriously, Apple is basically over-priced crap for morons.

  2. Aino

    8:41 pm

    Agreed, and those specs for a computer in 2010?

    I had a better computer in 2000 lol.