• Etch-a-sketch disaster…
  • Don’t worry, it’s treatable…
  • When I take a photo of my cat…
  • How it feels to move back with my parents…
  • Too immature…
  • Just make lemonade…
  • The end.
  • Delicious chemistry
  • Scumbag Mr. President
  • Content frog is content
  • They don’t really mean it
  • The greatest prank Nintendo ever pulled
  1. Anonymous

    12:22 pm

    In corporate america ? face palm

  2. socialist

    12:24 pm

    Yea, socialism sucks, this cartoon is dead right

  3. Jomandaman

    5:49 pm

    How does capitalism rob you? Capitalism is all about reaping what you sow. Socialism is all about the government taking any excess money you’ve made above the average, and then redistributing it to everyone else.