• Pencil sharpener art…
  • Get back here mister!
  • Identifying Glass…
  • Every time I try to print…
  • My significant otter
  • You’re so funny…
  • How to troll people who are scared of roller coasters
  • May The Fourth Be With You
  • You really are my girlfriend…
  • But I don’t want to shower…
  • Bricks were Shatner’d
  • Choose your meme
  1. Deacon

    8:35 pm

    A great effort, but no River Tam from Firefly? FAIL

  2. Martin

    5:15 am

    Where’s Chuck Norris?

  3. Anne Oakley

    2:01 pm

    I’m sorry Katniss. You’d be the first to go. Batman would win cause he would make a Batcave and hide in it till everyone else got killed of died of infection.