• Sauron is watching you…
  • Never bored again…
  • No wonder everyone laughs when I order tacos!
  • Grammar guy’s had enough…
  • Look at that girl…
  • Human Evolution vs. Nature…
  • Look at this bird
  • Cotton candy insect
  • There, done
  • Just realized…
  • Stop the hate
  • Finger painter

7 October, 2012 in Comedy | 2 Comments


  1. bob

    11:49 pm

    Why didn’t I see it before, stone henge is an ancient smiley face.

  2. Andre

    8:58 am

    The ancients were much more advanced than we ever suspected and if you look at the ancient civilizations that sprung up fully formed and functional it kind of flies in the face of the whole Darwinian concept and affirms the Biblical truths!