• It was right here…
  • But what if I touch it… OH MY GOD!
  • Don’t look at the chicken!
  • I need this: Thor’s hammer bottle opener…
  • Troll Dad: Successful
  • Out of my way! I’m going in!
  • Vegan?
  • Break off…
  • Sorry Stella, real men drink real beer
  • Clever pick up lines
  • Relationships on Facebook
  • Real life shortcuts
  1. Marco

    12:50 pm

    Still someone who thinks his or her generation was best even after the generation conflict has been explained?
    Everyone has a great childhood!

    • Geronimo

      7:46 am

      What about Jewish or Japanese kids in the 40′s?

    • Raggy

      10:23 am

      … It was never stated that we were the only ones that had a great childhood. Or that no one else is awesome. Stop being a grump!

  2. Anon

    7:34 am

    YES I LOVED THESE! XD Along with the puzzle blocks where you had to move metal balls through obstacle courses to certain spots. :D

  3. Aud

    3:10 pm

    There’s nothing here about anyone having the “best” childhood. I don’t see the issue.

  4. Jesse

    4:50 pm

    My dentist still has some of these for the younger kids.

  5. Mum

    8:36 pm

    Those things always got stuck for me :(