• Some things you just never forget…
  • Why Not?
  • Same movie, different people…
  • Compressed drunk guy
  • Dark Knight Archetypes
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  • Unique relationship
  • Smiling sloth is smiling
  • How do you get a guy to propose?
  • Responses to public graffiti
  • Weapons made out of paper clips
  • Keyboard Cat
  1. Steve

    1:13 am

    I don’t get it.

  2. Josh

    1:47 am

    This is an old video that spoofed a car commercial. At the end a creepy figure comes out and screams.
    > youtube.com/watch?v=HqGsT6VM8Vg

  3. BayoDC

    2:29 am

    Neither do I.

  4. Goggles

    6:30 am

    I flinched as soon as I saw it!

  5. Scruzer

    7:17 am

    You are too young then. Have you ever seen a picture for a long time and then out of now where a creepy figured popped out with a very loud scream? This was the original, I have the download.