• Daryl with a baby…
  • Appearances can be deceitful…
  • Soldier receives a letter…
  • Psychopathic Dog
  • Mitosis
  • Check, mate
  • I beg to differ…
  • Forever alone cat
  • Lumberjacks’ hobby?
  • Damn
  • He does make a compelling argument
  • For God’s sake man, help!

7 December, 2011 in Memories | 2 Comments


  1. zettaslow

    7:06 pm

    Can someone explain this one to me?

    • Connolly

      11:09 pm

      It was from the show Freaky Stories.
      Every episode always starts with and finishes with the phrase: “This is a true story, and it happened to friend of a friend of mine.”