• 60 years from now…
  • She definitely gets my vote…
  • Good parenting
  • It’s alright…
  • Too much anime…
  • You’ve been eating cupcakes wrong your whole life…
  • Raaatatatata…
  • Just a little piece…
  • Meanwhile in an alternate dimension…
  • Life is full or ironies
  • Father of the year
  • Suspicious Coin
  1. James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    7:14 pm

    It says, “You’ll be sorry”. But she keeps doing it over and over again. WTF?

  2. Kyle

    7:56 pm


  3. Mergie

    7:12 am

    Damn, she scared the s**t out of him… XD

  4. james

    11:21 pm

    it looks like blood

  5. aromcath

    6:35 pm

    Wasn’t this shown to be a fake when the projectile squirts from where the dog’s testicles aught to be.

  6. daymo

    7:57 pm

    Gotta be a fake….why lift a dog’s tail?