• Zombie birds…
  • Clever piece of furniture…
  • Hedgehog is not scared…
  • Poor Jack…
  • The world hates you
  • LEGO Halo sniper rifle
  • Lego Cubestormer Robot
  • Hey Patrick…
  • The right way to pray
  • That’s not what it means
  • Pac-Man Ukulele
  • Life is full or ironies

31 January, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 32 Comments


  1. jon snow

    9:22 pm

    I don’t know.

  2. Annon

    9:24 pm

    Where is this from?

  3. Carol

    9:42 pm

    Here’s the link to the story.

    Please someone post the English version, I could only find the original in Japanese.

  4. Twitch

    9:44 pm

    http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=31&weekday=tu -> link in English

    FWI, that’s Korean, not Japanese.

  5. blablai

    9:46 pm

    OK…scariest s**t ever…

  6. recyclops

    10:13 pm

    Holly s**t I just looked that up, hols f**kin s**t!

  7. denniden

    11:04 pm

    Hahaha sh**t that was NOT cool!!

  8. Cal

    11:23 pm

    Oh god, I remember that. I did s**t my pants, yes.

  9. ohcrap!

    11:36 pm

    I shat my pants.

  10. SapphireD910

    11:40 pm

    Good thing I didn’t scream, I’m at school. But it does feel like my heart jumped into my throat. Needless to say, not what I was expecting.

    I’m guessing there’s no real ending? I didn’t have the will to scroll down further.

  11. very scared

    12:37 am

    Wtfffff oh my god I tried to scroll up but it didn’t let me, so I closed the browser…I’m scared to sleep now. :(

  12. jon snow

    12:53 am

    F***K I shat my f***in pants.

  13. OhNO!

    12:58 am

    I will admit I shat myself and screamed like a little girl, throwing my laptop off me…

  14. Confused

    1:53 am

    What the hell…that’s effin scary…

  15. wussie

    3:15 am

    What is it? These comments have me too scared to look!

  16. Chicken

    3:17 am

    So I’m too scared now to click on that link. Can someone just summarize what happens and spoil it for me please?

  17. beer

    6:17 am

    Yeah that’s pretty scary….jeez.

  18. Dear GOD

    7:53 am

    I told myself “you’re pretty manly, you can handle scary things, no big deal.” *click* …..*proceed to scream like a little girl*

  19. holy S***

    1:55 pm

    O.O I watched and shat my pants.

  20. EWWSCARY!!

    2:12 pm

    Wahhhhhhhhhh I jumped out of my skin.

  21. Guest

    4:48 pm

    Won’t sleep tonight.
    My brain just got shocked from the inside.

  22. Hohoe

    6:08 pm

    This was awesome! :D
    Kinda scary, but more awesome than scary ;D

  23. plife

    10:31 pm

    Dam I just f***ed my laptop up… :|

  24. recyclops

    10:46 pm

    You think its over when the head turns….but the the it crawls toward you and you know you’re f**cked.

  25. Anne Oakley

    2:41 am

    For everyone too scared to look I just looked at it and it wasn’t that scary at all. It is a series of pictures that tells a story about a ghost and she looks really scary.

  26. what happens

    3:37 am

    It has a little warning that people with heart problems or children or pregnant women etc shouldn’t watch it. I looked it up, and sent the link to a friend to check out for me (figured it had to be scary) a face pops up and theres a crackling noise. It looks like you’re scrolling and can’t stop but its really like a video. If you keep watching apparently there is more faces and noises etc. Basically, if you don’t actually want to s**t your pants, don’t go there.

  27. Okay

    4:55 am

    I jumped a mile.

  28. Stupid.

    8:33 pm

    I don’t get it.

  29. why did i have to read it..

    8:38 pm

    Holy s***….well I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight.

  30. Tell me!

    11:59 pm

    What happens?? Just post it in the comments please….

  31. Wow!

    10:30 am

    Only the Japanese aha…

  32. Cad

    2:47 am

    Of course i was blasting music when I saw this and pretty much sh*t my f*cking pants.