• What colors say about you…
  • Felix is Buzz…
  • How Dubstep is created
  • Oh look, a Khajiit…
  • Sweet mother…
  • Nice comeback, dad
  • It’s not what it looks like! Why are you home early?
  • Job interviews
  • Everything’s funnier when you put eyes on it
  • Revolutionary bra
  • Awaiting takeoff in the plane that will bring them home…
  • Bullying
  1. Saelyth

    8:36 pm

    Read it from beginning when I just ended reading… Amazing!

  2. Dana

    12:56 am


  3. brandon

    1:10 am

    Holy f*** I did it lmao!

  4. linda

    1:17 am

    I did it to yeah!

  5. Ariel

    2:15 am

    U|_7R4 1337!

  6. carol

    2:21 am

    I read it! I’m still functionally trainable!!!

  7. DEBI

    2:35 am

    I C4N R34D 7H15!!!!

  8. jean

    2:57 am

    I always knew I possessed certain incredibly awesome powers. Just took a while to find ‘em!

  9. Suzon

    3:02 am

    Yay! I have a strong mind!

  10. Gabriel

    4:33 am

    It’s just Leet speak.

  11. ereinna woods

    5:44 am

    It was pretty simple.

  12. joel

    5:52 am

    Wow cool.

  13. james

    6:00 am

    Huh lost me.

  14. Leikny

    8:22 am

    Someone who really tried and not made it? I’m not sure how special I should feel…

  15. Fatih

    8:40 am

    Omg that was awesome!

  16. ...

    11:12 am

    Eh, not that hard to read. But I won’t take your glory moments away and translate it.

  17. Margaret

    12:30 pm

    It’s nice to know I can still figure things out!

  18. Alek

    2:17 pm

    Just release you mind … and read. :)

  19. Kelsey

    3:12 pm

    This blew my mind, I had absolutely no idea that I was able to read numbers.

  20. gary :)

    3:28 pm

    “In the beginning it was hard…”
    Uhh… In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
    True story.

    *This isn’t smart. This is just anti-stupid.*

  21. Alec

    4:05 pm

    I did it too! amazing!

  22. t pick it up. :)

    5:24 pm

    The start of it was harder and then I understood it. :)

  23. paul

    7:05 pm

    I will train my puppy (Gus) to read this, when he’s finished his maths homework.

  24. Bob

    7:12 pm

    Is there anyone who can’t read this. Everyone I’ve sent this to before has been able to read it. I’m either hanging around a bunch of geniuses or it’s not anything that a normal functioning human can’t do. Attaching a disclaimer that only really smart people can do it just strokes our ego. What if it stated that only mentally challenged people could do it. How many of us would admit to it then?

    • melly mel

      6:53 pm

      I think you are right bet everyone can do it.

    • amber-nichole

      3:39 pm

      I have a few friends who cannot read things like this!!!

  25. Frantz Fanon

    7:38 pm

    Please, be stupid! Smart people aren’t creative.

  26. danny

    8:24 pm


  27. kevin

    9:52 pm

    Read what?

  28. byabangardfoo

    1:24 am

    I read it.

  29. Neville

    9:46 am

    Good one.

  30. Elena

    11:31 am

    True! It’s possible.

  31. Rose

    12:43 pm

    I can read this!

  32. rachel

    2:38 pm

    I did it , amazing !!!

  33. Ilya

    2:48 pm

    1 PR35UM3 N07 C3R741N BU7 L075 0F P30PL3 C4N R3AD 7H15.

  34. Ingar..

    3:12 pm

    I like this!!

  35. Robert

    3:54 pm

    I know this, these are all my license plate numbers throughout the years! I’m a stinking GENYUS!!!!

  36. Larry

    4:22 pm

    W17HOU7 is one word not two.

  37. Jonell

    4:27 pm

    7ha7 1s 4m4z1ng. I did it….. :)

  38. Donald

    5:30 pm

    Was able to read it too. :)

  39. paul s

    5:37 pm

    Pharmacy 101: Intro to reading doctor’s prescriptions.

  40. Mike

    5:50 pm

    Well I first I had trouble understanding the words but then I started to understand and my brain could read the whole thing.

  41. Laila

    6:05 pm

    I did not have any trouble to read it. It is easy for me.

  42. Harrison

    8:06 pm

    This is a proof that there’s an inner chav in all of us!

  43. Brian

    8:08 pm

    That’s how I normaly write 4UR FE6X s8ke.

  44. Sean

    8:39 pm

    Very cool! This also illustrates visually how native speakers of a language listen to the chaos of sound around them and distill the essentials of communication on an ongoing basis. Which is an interesting idea as a language teacher

  45. DoozBoo

    8:57 pm

    A piece of cake from 3rd string. Looks like anyone can do it without any problem.

  46. wolftenstein

    11:29 pm

    I like it:)))))

  47. jan

    2:57 am

    Maybe only the people who can read it reply and those who can’t…well they just remain silent!

  48. Petter

    8:38 am

    It is called “Pattern Recognition” which every normal human mind should be capable of. You should be concerned if you can NOT read that text. Sorry people :-/

  49. Lisbet

    9:13 am

    I did it too….. ;) )) Do you have more???

  50. PhD

    12:44 pm

    Too easy.

  51. Oddgeir

    12:53 pm

    JIPPI I managed to read it! So why don’t I feel smart at all?

  52. Old Skool

    1:07 pm

    I don’t know, Robert: I always thought geniuses knew how to spell genius though!
    And what’s so amazing about “l33t-5p33k” anyway? We did this back in IRC-days of ’97, now it’s boring :P

  53. Tore

    1:07 pm

    As long as the brain have some points to refer to, letters, the brain is able to make sence of what it’s reading. Try to cut out the letters, and your brain have trouble making sence of what you are seeing….it’s only numbers.

  54. Kat O'Brien

    2:21 pm

    I did it much faster than I thought I would! LOL!

  55. ketil w.Grevstad

    2:59 pm

    I don’t understand the 2. first line, but the rest of it i understand. :-)

  56. Synne

    3:56 pm

    Made it <3

  57. Ing

    4:36 pm

    It simply proves that we read in pictures, not by grammar rules.

  58. Sintija

    5:09 pm

    I had no issues whatsoever reading that.

  59. Irene Sara.

    7:05 pm

    Moro dette!

  60. Ert4n

    7:08 pm

    Your Br41N w0rk5 f45ter 45 y0u 7h1nk.

  61. Kate

    7:58 pm

    I made it! I’m brainy.

  62. M4R3N

    9:03 pm

    7H15 1S 4M4Z1NG…… WOW!

  63. Dennis

    9:04 pm

    And people say I’m not smart, pfftt.

  64. Bjørg

    2:26 am

    My Br41N w0rk5 f45ter!

  65. J03

    7:34 am

    7 F0RW4RD 70 MY FR13ND5

  66. Buster

    8:09 am

    Amazing….:-) Cool note….:-)

  67. Anette

    8:19 am

    Crazy !!!!

  68. Jeri Lane

    10:47 am

    Yes I could read it, and that stunned me somewhat I have to say !!!

  69. Ineke

    10:54 am

    W4uw, 17t 15 573rk z3g!!

  70. marius

    11:43 am

    That was easy.

  71. Maria

    3:20 pm

    Yes, like most people I first tried to count letters or pronounce things, but then I just read. Amazing!

  72. Tony

    4:43 pm

    I called my little daughter and told her to read it. She is very smart and loves to read but she couldn’t read a single word. I guess it’s an adults thing.

  73. Claude

    5:16 pm

    At first I thought, what are these numbers? And then I started to read them and noticed my brain could understand them perfectly.

  74. Marianne

    5:34 pm

    Brilliant …. easy to read right from the begining….

  75. Michael

    7:08 pm

    Wow, this blew my mind.