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30 September, 2012 in People | 8 Comments


  1. anonymous

    4:41 am

    If this was Jesus, he’d also fly the plane himself and do a barrel-roll.

  2. anonymous

    7:22 am

    *grows toothbrush mustache and flies away with the power of ultraracism*

  3. Savi

    10:51 pm

    But unfortunately it’s not Jesus; it’s reality. And in reality, people have tried to assassinate the Pope. So he must fly alone and well protected.

    • ana

      8:01 pm

      exactly… haters

    • Truth

      7:20 pm

      In reality the pope spends millions of euros making his life more pleasant while millions of children die of hunger.

    • anonymous

      11:21 am

      Christ and his apostles were assassinated too. Come with the territory, he should man up!

  4. kia

    11:24 am

    In reality Jesus is a fictional person.